Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

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Episode 086 – Operation Radial Freedom – Time to Save Drag Racing

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Episode 086 is here and this is a news breaking Podcast. We were privileged to have Sam Scoutas and Victor Baralos of TheJet275 Operation Radial Freedom Show on this episode of the Podcast. This episode has everything – breaking news, future of Drag Racing, our thoughts on how drag racing progresses out of COVID-19 and off course Radial Racing. Sam and Victor are extremely passionate about the sport and on this episode we cover some big news – direction from Venues West for the Perth Motorplex, WSID upgrade, Calder Park news and a general discussion on how we progress through these uncertain times.

******Correction to this Podcast****** On this Podcast we advised that the burnout competition still took place during WAW meets at the Perth Motorplex. This is in fact incorrect. For sometime now the burnout competition is held after racing is complete, removing any potential issues that may arise from race cars/bikes potentially collecting debris. We apologise for this error and thank those that have corrected us with this information.

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