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Concessions for Classics (C4C) becomes a reality in WA

Department of Transport Concessions for Classics

Western Australians may soon see more classic cars on our roads, with the McGowan Government introducing a new scheme to encourage car enthusiasts to hit the road in their hot rods more often. Owners of street rods and vehicles manufactured prior to 1990 will soon have access to a scheme designed to encourage and enable car enthusiasts to license and use their ‘occasional-use vehicles’.

The Honourable Rita Saffioti MLA Minister for Transport said, “We want to cut red tape and see more classic cars out of the garage and on our roads. Growing up I saw how passionate my own family were about their Monaros and Toranas.”

The scheme will provide a 75 per cent reduction on the licence fee component of registration fees, and a reduction in Motor Injury Insurance fees.

Who is eligible to enter the Concessions for Classics scheme?

To participate in the C4C scheme, the vehicle licence holder must be a Department of Transport (DoT) approved motoring club or association, or an individual who is a current financial member of a DoT approved motoring club. Light vehicles (i.e. GVM no greater than 4,500 kg) that are eligible for the C4C concession include:

• a street rod; or

• a vehicle manufactured before 1990.

The Minister said, “The scheme is intended to reduce financial burden on classic vehicle owners and to encourage club membership, while stimulating spending in the automotive industries.”

Image courtesy of James McDonald

What are the conditions of the Concessions for Classics scheme?

A vehicle owner must maintain their financial membership with a DoT approved motoring club while receiving the C4C concession. If the vehicle is owned by a DoT approved motoring club or association, the DoT approved motoring club status must be maintained to receive the C4C concession.

Vehicles licensed under the C4C scheme:

  • Can be used for a maximum of 90 days per year, being
    • 60 days to participate in motoring club sanctioned events; and
    • 30 days for personal use, testing, maintenance and repair.
  • cannot be used for fee, hire or reward; and
  • must display an approved plate or label stating ‘restricted use’, which is to be affixed to the top or bottom of the vehicle number plate(s) to identify that the vehicle has restricted road use.

What is a DoT approved motoring club or association?

There are currently over 100 DoT approved motoring clubs throughout Australia. To be recognised as a DoT approved motoring club, the club or association must:

  • hold either an ‘Incorporated Body Certificate from ASICS or have proof the club or association is an incorporated body (i.e. a certificate of incorporation issued by the Western Australian Department of Commerce);
  • have a constitution;
  • have a minimum of 30 financial members;
  • comply with the responsibilities of being a DoT approved motoring club.

DoT approved motoring clubs will be required to maintain a record of vehicle use by their members for auditing and compliance with the scheme. The requirement to be a financial member of a DoT approved motoring club is a fundamental feature of all classic vehicle permit and conditional licensing schemes across Australia.

It encourages club members and DoT approved motoring clubs to comply with their obligations under the relevant scheme and promotes community engagement and participation.

“We hope to make the legislative changes required by early next year and look forward to continuing to work with classic car owners on this scheme” said The Honourable Ms Saffioti.

Image courtesy of James McDonald

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