Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

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Motorvation 35 – Editorial and Photo Gallery

The recent months leading up to Motorvation this year certainly gave Perth Motorplex and the Summernats organising body, OTT Promotions, every reason to throw the towel in. That said they muscled through COVID-19 implications and bushfires to put on a return to blowers, burnouts and slushies.

Motorvation 35 did not disappoint on any front. The relocation of the Elite Tent was a welcome twist, with carpeted flooring over the grass which made for a more comfortable stay. The immediate area surrounding the Elite Tent was also geared up to keep punters around for an extended stay with food stalls, beverage vendors, merchandise and of course, the all important Motorvation 35 slushie.

There is no doubt the show is still geared towards burnouts, burnouts and more burnouts. An over whelming portion of the crowd are there for the burnout competition and looking from the outside a large portion of entrants are also there for the same reason.

It is part and parcel of the Motorvation experience – who can forget getting absolutely covered with Bandag Tyre debris from Frank Gaffiero’s Bandag Bullet in the carpark of Burswood Dome – yes in the carpark of WA’s only Casino.

Before the sun set on Motorvation 35, the team already announced a date for the 2022 event – Motorvation 36 (Feb 4- 6 2022). Next year more space has been put between Summernats and Motorvation – great news for those who wish to do both events. It’s also great news for a number of WA shops and vendors who supply services and goods in the industry. It will give a number of them time to close over the Christmas period and re-open in time to supply necessary services and parts in a timely manner. It really is good news on all fronts and we can’t wait for the 2022 event.

We will have some Podcast interviews coming soon from the event. Make sure to tune into our Podcast at Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher or here on our website, Regards Nick Dicembre

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