Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

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Episode 103 – Andrew and Michelle Katavatis and James Rowland – The Beach Bomb

It is not often we have three guests on the Podcast, all of whom represent a second generation of Drag Racing. On this episode we have Andrew Katavatis along with his wife Michelle (Adamos) and Andrew’s Crew Chief James Rowland. Collectively they are an amazing second generation of drag racers representing over 100 years in the sport collectively.
Andrew tells us of his journey from Modified into Nitro racing steering “The Beach Bomb”. James also talks of the challenges he faces tuning a Nitro powered car. Michelle also gives us an insight from racing, to commentating and to writing, to now having a family and actively working on one of Australia’s most formidable Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars.
You can find more information on “The Beach Bomb” here –

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