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Nick Dicembre

Nick Dicembre
Nick Dicembre founded Torque n Power in 2017. Nick was inspired by comedian Adam Carolla, Street Outlaws Justin Shearer and Roadkill’s Mike Finnegan all with Podcasts who solely discuss their “shenanigans” and other automotive antics. Nick has worked in Agriculture Machinery & Merchandise Industry for +25 years. In that time he has become verse in Agricultural Machinery distribution, sales and service throughout regional Australia. That said he has always had a passion for the automotive space and is focused on building the Torque n Power Media Platform.

Simon Gonzo Travaglini

Simon Travaglini
Simon Travaglini was born with an automatic shifter in his hand. He has successfully ran Allfast Torque Converters for over 20 years and is now one of Australia’s leading automatic transmission builders in not only Drag Racing, but drifting and various other motorsport disciplines. Several years ago he commenced race car fabrication after his vast experience in Group 1 Top Doorslammer Racing where his BA Falcon ran a 6.04 @232MPH over the ¼ mile. His vast knowledge on motoring is second to none and has single handily created the Torque n Power race car builds. His co-hosting talents and humour have our fans continually commenting on Social Media and asking for appearances at live shows.

Todd Brinkworth

Todd Brinkworth
Todd Brinkworth brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge from the JDM, Rally (Tarmac and Dirt), circuit and various other disciplines of Motorsport. He has had various roles in motorsport teams and also free lance motorsport photography.

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